The best software in the world won’t help your company thrive if it’s not configured for your specific requirements or being used properly. Unfortunately, many companies simply don’t have either the perspective or the resources to arrive at the most effective and efficient technology solutions.
We Get It
Our individual backgrounds in process improvement, software development, and data management give Phycom the expertise to evolving market demands.
Phycom takes pride in the certainty it provides to the customers. Using various project tracking tools we provide complete visibility into the progress of the work. Jira, Trello, Click Up, you name it. We have worked on it. With in depth knowledge of JIRA, we also provide consultations on how to customize the system best for your project.
We’ve been there
Phycom crosschecks data pulled from a variety of sources, then engineers it to a level that is useful to you. And with direct experience in data management for the healthcare industry, you can trust Phycom to protect any sensitive information we process.
Your customers are demanding. So are ours. Phycom understands that staying ahead of the competition requires agility and speed, which is why the role technology plays in an organization can make or break not only your productivity, but also your customer relationships.
We practice what we preach
Our extensive and varied experience working within a number of industries affords us the ability to hit the ground running. Providing you with unparalleled speed-to-launch solutions that enhance your agility and performance.
Why Phycom ?

Our solution integrates cutting-edge technical engineering software with promising strategies to ensure your company’s stability, continuity, accuracy, and growth.


Most of our products have an IoT component in it

Mobile Development

Our team comprises of some truly skilled Android & IOS developers

Cloud Projects

AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, we know it all

Backend Development

Our team has the experience required to handle all major backend programming languages

Server Management

Your servers are now in our care


Experts in both manual & automation testing
Skill Specifics

Workflow process design

Quality assurance |
Team planning |
Task management

Data management

Web scraping |
Data manipulation |
List scrubbing and maintenance

Customer interface

Lead tracking and marketing |
Revenue planning |
Customer relationship |

Product development

Web applications |
iOS and Android applications |
UI/UX design
Messages per day within IOT system(s)
Active application users
Social Media Posts processed
Phycom and his team can effectively translate business needs to technology solutions and with ‘whatever it takes’ attitude deliver quality products. You can count on the team to deliver on your technology solution needs.

Senior Operating Partner at Private Equity Firm
In my role as an operating partner at a private equity firm focused on transforming and growing lower middle market software businesses, I’m frequently in a position where I need to make rapid and foundational changes to the business we acquire. Given demands to maximize IRR and MOIC, I usually don’t have time for incremental changes. Instead, a “jump-start” is usually required where expert resources are brought in to tackle critical projects or to triage failing operations. Given their versatility, Phycom has become part of my standard playbook and one of the first calls I make. Over the past 6 years I’ve brought the Phycom team into dozens of projects across 5 portfolio companies. Projects have ranged from CRM implementations to full product line engineering support. Ultimately I need a partner that can act in the best interest of the company – navigating tight deadlines, technical complexity and constant change – with limited oversight and maximum accountability. They have proven to be excellent problem solvers that have repeatedly delivered on time.

Operating Partner at Private Equity Firm
As a rapidly growing transportation technology start up, we didn’t have the luxury of time or resources. We needed partners that can act in the best interest of the company – navigating tight deadlines, technical complexity and constant change – with limited oversight and maximum accountability. To that end, the Phycom team under its leadership has been instrumental in allowing company management to focus on its core business while feeling confident that key pieces of its CRM and data management infrastructure are being managed by capable hands. They have proven to be excellent problem solvers that repeatedly deliver on time.

VP Product Development
I have worked with Phycom on and off in multiple capacities for almost 20 years. They enjoy a well-deserved reputation as a “go-to” technology solution innovator. When confronted with the inevitable unexpected product development roadblocks, they have always found creative ways to bring the product or service to market. In addition, Phycom’s teams are known for not just “doing what the client requested”, but providing innovative ideas along the way to increase the quality of the solution, improve the time to market, or lower the overall solution cost. I wholeheartedly recommend Phycom and his team and intend to use his services whenever my organization has a need for best in class software solutions.

Senior Vice President, Product Innovation and Technology
The Workplace

Located at the heart of the Ahmedabad is the Phycom office where all the work gets done. Close to the Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, this place is easily accessible to anyone in the city.